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What we provide you?

1. A unique coupon code associated with your account.

2. A range of banners.

3. Text links.


What you can do?

1. Share your coupon code with our website address with your family, friends, on your facebook, tweeter, blog.etc. 

2. Place the banners on your blog, website wherever you like.

3. Email,text or share the text links. 


How Does It Work?

1. When a puchase is made with your unique coupon code, you earn commission.

2.When a user clicks on one of your banners or text links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate program.

   Once a purchase is completed from the traffic you send us , you earn commission!


Benefit for You

1. Earn $3 per-sale for each sale you bring. 


Benefit for customer

1. 5% off discount will be applied when they come to our website by clicking your banner or text link. 

2. Get 5% off by using your unique coupon code. 


Real-Time Statistics and Reporting!

Login 24 hours a day to check our sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.


How to join?

1. Create an account on our website.

2. Go to your account.

3. Click Affiliates on left side category.

4. Click Sign-Up and submit your information.

5. We will review your information and approve your account.

6. Once you get approve you can start make money with us.